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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

All Genres: Drama

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Release Year: 2015

Country: INDIA

STORY BY: SUNANDA SHYAMAL MITRA GLAMOUREENA – THE EVENT GLAMOUREENA is the most prestigious beauty pageant and modeling event in North India which is extremely popular in the whole country. Held in the city of Chandigarh every year, it marks its difference by inviting fashion and modeling choreographers from all over the country to participate in the competition with their 15 of their best models. The models who participate and win in GLAMOUREENA get various national and international assignments be it films, ad films or events. Consecutively for 5 years Tanya, an ex Miss Glamoureena and a reputed model groomer and choreographer had been emerging as the winner of GLAMOUREENA and is declared the undisputed queen of the modeling industry of North India. She had a collection of more than 500 ‘A’ grade models who were in contract with her and her yearly turnover was more than 50 crore from their assignments. Tanya is a megalomaniac and has been winning the event by adopting several means and tricks to retain her position. But in the sixth year she loses to Rayan, who proves to be one shade smarter than her. Tanya couldn’t digest her defeat and bounces back next year. Our story is about how Tanya, with her sheer intelligence and presence of mind wins the competition but due to major emotional turn of event she had to sacrifice her greatest possession of the crown of Miss. India because of her past appearing in her present. RULE OF THE EVENT Model choreographers or grooming gurus from all over the country are invited to participate in the competition with 10 of their best models. After the initial selection procedures for seven days, only two of them with maximum marks are chosen to go for a three day event. The finale has five rounds each and the best girl is crowned as Miss. GLAMOUREENA. The main rule of the event is that all the models will have to be unmarried and not a mother of a child. Educational qualification is not a bar. They can speak either in English or Hindi Language. THE STORY Tanya, the Diva is extremely upset. She is having drinks after drinks and recapitulating her memories of the previous year beauty pageant when her models failed miserably and she lost her position of a Chairwoman of the largest beauty pageant of North India, GLAMOUREENA. Yet a spinster in her late 30’s, she is a megalomaniac and used to rule the pageant and a major part of the Indian glamour industry with an iron fist. With the sheer dint of her hard work, intelligence and extraordinary skills, she had built her vast empire in the world of glitz and glamour over the years which catapulted her to rub shoulders with the ministers and bureaucrats of the central and several state governments. Some of her models are now established actresses in Bollywood while many of them turned millionaires with the ‘generosity’ of the ministers and elite capitalists. Her models were representatives of her position and her bank balance was directly proportional to their popularity and demand. Everything is fair in love and war and so in all those years of her victory and success, she saw to it that her position as the supreme is maintained, even if it meant taking the path of unfair means She couldn’t take it when she saw the model groomed and made by her rival and competitor Rayan Mirchandani being announced the ‘GLAMOUREENA’ and crowned. All her ‘generous’ friends of the ministry and the elite turned away their faces from her and she had to often face insults, criticism, sarcasm and syrupy sweet heart piercing sympathy in social gatherings and in public. She had to leave the country to hide her face since this cruel glittering world made her get into depression. She flew to London where she meets a young painter Jason, who was always there for her, gradually made her understand, gave her confidence and finally convinced her to face her rival once again, 6 months prior to the great event. Tanya comes back and makes an unique announcement stating that no woman is ordinary; they have the potential, the talent, the energy and all capabilities to emerge a winner. Only thing they need to have is self confidence, patience and dedication. She terms her movement of this search as “EXTRAORDI-NAARI” and invites for applications from interested candidates. She picks up a street girl, a prostitute, a waitress, a house maid, a girl from an orphanage and a rape victim among others claiming to the media that it’s her challenge to the society to make these women divas of India. Soon she becomes the talk of the town again. Rayan with his over confidence laughs and calls it her publicity gimmick for her desperation to make a comeback. Newspapers flash that this time the competition would take a different height because both Tanya and Rayan are desperate. Tanya to get back her position and Rayan to retain his position. Manmeet Singh, who is the recently elected local MLA and a friend of Tanya much prior since she was crowned Miss Chandigarh, contacts her. Manmeet recapitulates memories of the good times of their past association and assures to lend his full support to her. The remaining story is about how Tanya takes up the challenge and grooms the 10 underprivileged girls and makes them walk the ramp of Glamoureena and wins the show !! PLEASE NOTE : 01. The backdrop of the film is Chandigarh 02. It will be a film of victory, thrill, politics, manipulation, emotion and above all glamour. 03. The women from all strata of the society are the target audience who will identify herself in the film. CHARACTERS Tanya – Rituparna Sengupta – A very self proud, beauty conscious woman with determination, dedication, focus and high ambition. She can’t tolerate losers in her life. She believes that she can pick up any stone and carve out a statue from it. Rayan – Satyajit Sharma – A multicrore businessman who grew up from scratch. He is on a mission to take revenge on Tanya who once had insulted him 18 years back when he failed to win Mr. India. He is shrewd, cunning and desperate to blacken her face and hence adopts all means to bring Tanya down in the society. Manmeet Singh – Shahbaz Khan – He is the newly elected local MLA who is an astute gentleman and a friend of Tanya. He helps and supports her by all means and stands beside her as a pillar of strength. STARRING : RITUPARNA SENGUPTA, SATYAJIT SHARMA, SHAHBAZ KHAN STORY, SCREENPLAY, DIALOGUES AND DIRECTION : SUNANDA SHYAMAL MITRA MUSIC : HRIJU ROY LYRICS : RAVI BASNET SINGERS : SHAAN, MAHALAXMI CREATIVE CONSULTANT : UTPAL CHAKRABORTY SOCIAL MEDIA PARTNER : WWW.MOVIEINDICATOR.COM PRODUCED BY : K.G.N. PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD